needle-free delivery of nucleic acid vaccines

Needle-free Delivery of Nucleic Acid Vaccines

Needle-free jet injection makes nucleic acid-based vaccines and therapeutics even better.



Safe and

The Nucleic Acid Vaccine Revolution is Just the Beginning

When they write the history of vaccines, this will probably be a turning point: Nucleic acid vaccines have shifted the immunology landscape with unrivaled speed and impact. While the world is focused on the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, the race for the next generation of nucleic acid vaccines and therapeutics – targeted at a variety of other diseases – is on! There is now sufficient evidence to conclude that nucleic products can be improved with the cellular dispersion uniquely associated with needle-free jet injection delivery.

Why Needle-free Injection?

Current Partners and Stage of Development

We’ve partnered with many of the most innovative nucleic acid vaccine and therapeutic product developers.